A science fiction book series by Greg Spry

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Beyond Cloud Nine

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Ace star fighter pilot Brooke Davis lives for pushing hundreds of gees in orbital combat, but she’d give it all up in a moment to become the first human to fly faster than light. When Brooke stumbles upon a conspiracy involving terrorists, aliens, and the highest levels of government, she finds their goals seductive but their methods abhorrent. With the moral core of human civilization hanging in the balance, she must risk her shot at history, her family, and her life to prevent the schemers from forcing their nefarious brand of salvation upon the solar system. Learn more...

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Science fiction novel Beyond the Horizon

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Beyond the Horizon

"Should we sacrifice another intelligent race to save ourselves?"

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Ensign Maya Davis has had her sights set on the captaincy of a starship since she launched her first toy rocket into Earth orbit at age four. But not long after she departs the solar system aboard humankind's first interstellar vessel, New Horizons, sabotage cripples the ship, killing a third of the crew and stranding the expedition light years from home under the siege of hostile forces. Without knowing who she can trust, Maya must risk her life to get the crew home and prevent the genocide of the very exospecies Horizons set out to contact. Read the press release.

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Science fiction novel Beyond Yesterday

Book 3/4

Beyond Yesterday

"The fight for tomorrow begins yesterday."

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When Captain Maya Davis takes command of the space-time vessel Yesterday, she must travel back in time to figure out how a piece of 23rd century technology ended up 200,000 years in the past.

But the assignment is a one-way mission, for she and her crew can never return to the present.

Trapped in the distant past, Maya must choose between condemning humankind to slavery or erasing another civilization from history.

Science fiction novel Beyond Existence

Book 4/4

Beyond Existence

"Fear not. All shall come full circle."

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The dreaded day Admiral Maya Davis-Armstrong has worked to prevent arrives. In response to a scientific team's successful attempt to create life from inanimate matter, a race of near-omnipotent exobeings conquers human civilization without firing a shot. Forsaken by both friend and foe, Maya must travel to the past, the future, and alternate timelines to prevent the beings from wiping mankind out of existence.

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Beyond Existence First Draft Complete

Posted by author on 1/5/2021 10:56:00 PM

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has been staying safe and following the advice of medical experts during this trying time. With any luck, the outlook will be much brighter as 2021 progresses.

The pandemic has brought its share of hardships. For me, it's yielded at least one positive. Being stuck at home more often gave me time to finish the rough draft of Beyond Existence (BEX), the final book(s) in the Beyond Saga (more on that ambiguous plurality in a bit). Below, I talk about the forthcoming story, my publication approach for it, the estimated release timeline, and what comes next.

Beyond Existence (BEX) has been the most complex, challenging, and rewarding work of fiction that I've written to date. It consists of many viewpoint characters, both familiar and new. It also covers multiple interconnected time periods and timelines. I've also done my best to include deep personal stakes for both Maya and Brooke, something I arguably did a better job of in book 1 compared to books 2 and 3. You will find that while the final chapter of the Beyond Saga ties all of the previous books together, it has particularly strong tie-ins to Beyond Cloud Nine (BC9).

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Astronaut Exercises Rights, Refuses to Wear Spacesuit

Posted by author on 7/27/2020 11:24:00 PM

International Space Station — On July 27, 2020, NASA mission control asked astronaut Major Karen Mumpsimus to perform a spacewalk to repair one of the International Space Station's solar panels. However, the astronaut refused to wear a spacesuit during her excursion outside the station based on the grounds that doing so violated her constitutional rights as a United States citizen.

"No one is going to tell me what I should or shouldn't wear," Major Mumpsimus said at the time. "I can't breathe with a helmet on or through any sort of face covering. I have a medical condition."

Doctor Voisoff Rezonski, a cosmonaut and fellow station occupant, rebuked the claim that people with asthma and other chronic pulmonary diseases would breathe easier in space without wearing a suit. "As a matter of fact," the doctor said, citing multiple studies and scholarly articles as evidence, "those afflicted by these conditions are more likely to survive in space with a suit as opposed to without."

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Review: Alien Affairs

Posted by author on 4/28/2019 3:09:00 PM

Alien Affairs by Scott Skipper is a very well-executed first contact science fiction novel. The book gives the author's take on how the alleged UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 might have transpired. As the story progresses, it covers the subsequent ramifications decades in the future.

I was pleasantly surprised at how many of the events and character actions seemed plausible. Even though the tone of the drama is light-hearted, the author still took the time to think through the logistics of how first contact with a more advanced species might truly unfold. In fiction, the underdog triumphs over a superior force all the time because it's satisfying. Such a feel-good result emboldens us to believe that we can each transcend whatever stands in our way. But in real life, Goliath slays David the vast majority of the time. With that in mind, the struggles and failures of humankind's efforts against the aliens in the story rang true, and the bittersweet ending concluded the tale appropriately.

The characters, while seemingly dry at first, eventually show a great deal of personality through their dialogue and actions. This, as opposed to descriptions given in prose, is a sign of effective writing. Along those lines, the story unfolds very fluidly. It was an easy read. I tore through the novel in a pair of four-hour flights. However, in the last quarter of the novel, the author increased the level of detail and made his prose a bit meatier. This is in contrast to the first three-quarters of the story where the exposition was more bare-bones.

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